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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Automobile Accidents | 0 comments

Auto Accidents: Rollovers

Anyone who has worked very hard to finally afford his/her own vehicle (for the first time) would undoubtedly go through the experience of buying the vehicle with so much excitement; well, the person deserves it and it can be one form of rewarding oneself for the hard work.

When choosing a vehicle, however, one mistake that so many commit is focusing only on peripheral factors, like color, finish, brand, model, design and so forth. If an expert’s advice were to be solicited, the one sure thing he/she would recommend is a vehicle (whether a car, a pickup, an SUV, or any other type) that is safe.

One car safety feature that is now a standard in many vehicles, since August 2011, is the electronic stability control system (ESC), which was designed to give drivers greater vehicle control, lessening the possibility of road accidents, especially rollovers. The ESC is a very important feature particularly in SUVs since this type of vehicle is more susceptible to rolling over as its center of gravity is higher from the ground compared to a regular car.

Through the use of intelligent sensors, the ESC system is able to detect loss of vehicle control (like when the vehicle skids) and simultaneously applies an automatic brake to the appropriate wheel to put the vehicle back under the control of the driver. Tests have also showed that ESC effectively: corrects imminent understeering or oversteering; improves handling on gravel patches, like road shoulders; stabilizes the vehicle during sudden maneuvers, such as when making a sudden turn on sharp curves; and, improves traction on slippery and icy surfaces.

Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® points out that safety on the road is dependent on different factors; there is driver behavior, repaired and well-maintained roads, vehicle and vehicle parts that meet government and industry standards, and environmental factors, which include weather condition. Thus, the beneficial aspects of ESC can be negated if these factors, especially driver behavior, are taken for granted. For it would be very unlikely for a driver to regain control of his/her vehicle, despite its being equipped with the ESC, if he/she were fatigued, distracted, intoxicated, tailgating, making reckless lane changes, or overspeeding. Likewise, driving on icy and slippery roads with worn out tires will not make ESC create the needed traction.

Rollover accidents have caused so many serious injuries, including back injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage and death. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to determine who the real liable party in a rollover accident is; it can the driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle or those responsible in maintaining the road. Massachusetts car accident lawyers would probably inform you that it can be very important to identify who the liable party is. Seeking compensation from this person can help you get back on your feet.

Some people may feel bad about suing an individual or company after an injury, worried that their lawsuit will bankrupt them. Actually, in some situations, payouts come from insurance companies. Having information on car insurance and accident liability can arm you to handle your accident in a way that is level-headed and successful.

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